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Ziqad month is also included in hurmat thats why jang is haram in ziqad this month date
11  imam ALI RAZAas was born and last ziqat date is related with imam mohammad NAQI as, these date we should have to recite
zyarat e jamia.

isi mahine ki 25 tariqohawaris hai yani kabe ke niche zameen isi roz bichai gai thi or pehle jis roz asman se zameen par rehmat nazil hui yahi din tha isi roz KABA nasb hua be had mubarak tareeq haiisi roz KABE ki tazeem ka hazrat ADAMas ko hukum hua mola e kainat se mansoob ha jo sakhs is rooz roza (fast) rakhe or shab ibadat main baser kare  is k liye aise soo(100)saal ki ibadat likhi jae gi jin main dinoon ke roze oe ratoon ki ibadat ho


AIK RIWAYAT MAIN HAI K ISS ROOZDIN CHARHE do (2) rikat namaz parhna sunat hai or her rikat main ALHAMD ke bad panch(5) dafa surah SHAMS parhain or bad e khatm e namaz yeh dua parhain.

tuhfatul awam

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Sleeping pattern is one of the most serious problem in the contemporary world and it is rapidly increasing day by day. Our country Pakistan is also facing a serious situation in this respect. As all we know about the sleep problem in our country it is increasingly rapidly specially in youth. Most of the families affect by this problem very badly.
Each and every one of us is pretty aware about the importance of sleep on our daily life. Unless and until you have a perfect sleep cycle you can’t lead a normal life, certainly at any point of time you will notice the importance of sleep. A perfect sleep not only ensure a proper hormonal balance. As far as sleep cycle is concerned, both the aspect of sleep i.e. qualitative and quantitative amount of sleep. On this context you might be aware of the term REM referenced as rapid eye movement sleep and it is considered as the most important aspects of quantitative sleep. The RAM is considered as the most qualitative sleep as all the cells of the nervous system get fully rejuvenated during this phase.Why people have physically problems and why there are families are facing difficulties. How this is affecting their health? How much their daily routine/ life is disturbed? Why are young generation should not avoid it? This study is conducted to consider these facts?
Since, are young generation is careless/carefree, so this study is conducted to divert their focus toward this facts that how sleeping disorder can have a bad impact on their personality, physical and mental health.
The world has turn into a global village development has cut down the world one is how the day and night pass is so quickly. Youth wakeup the whole night after gating free from the day time activities and enjoy in its own way but this is not a part of neither our culture nor custom. Islam is very closed to nature someone should work at day time and take rest at night. If we start our work from down then we can manage to complete many of our task before going to school, colleges, universities, or work place. A six (6) hours sleep its quite enough for a healthy person and the remaining 18 hours can be used to accomplished other task. The night awakening culture is the past of rest culture where night club are running their nation. We should stay far away from that culture. If Youth don’t go outside late night and closely observe the life than they will realize that to get up early in the morning and go in to the bed early increases the life time our custom doesn't allow us to disturb adult people in time way it is also to be notice that an 18 hours day time sleep cannot. The day time should the time in healthy activities one can sleep in day time once in a while but it should not the make a habit.
our country women compared to men and married compared to unmarried persons are more involved in the sleeping disorder.This study proves that the education of a person plays a role when someone else gets sleeping disorder around them. It was assumed that type of family might be related to the way how one handles this disorder, although there is no clear cut gesture of handling sleep for everyone, some handle it actively while some do it passively but in this study no significant relationship was found between the type of family and respondent’s active or passive acceptance of sleep disorder. Most of the respondents of this study considered the sleeping pattern as a social problem and not the solution of our problem. Some handled it with anger, some by returning the same behavior while some felt frustrated at being sleep pattern, but most of them agreed that it is a common problem in our society.
I recommend to deal with the important issue, which as following:
  •  Awareness rising campaign should be organized for the public regarding this issue.
  • Incourage a healthy approach to live indulging good foods, regular exercise and sports.
  • Government and NGOs should be developing sleeping pattern information cells and help lines for guidance and counseling.
  • Give the sense of responsibilities to upload the law regarding the social action and to help protect society from sleeping disorder.
  • Governments and NGOs should organized seminars, discussions and debates to discuss the negative impact of sleeping disorder in the society.
  • Have open an honest discussion about sleeping disorder.
  • Model appropriate behavior of family members such as spending time with youth.
  •  Rehabilitation centers needed in our country.
  • Promote a closed and pressing relationship of parents with their child from on early age support and in courage positive behavior.
  • It is important to control the timings of restaurants, sheesha bars, and other clubs with appropriate checks.
  • People should avoid late sitting e.g. (late night outing with friends and relatives etc).
  •  People should avoid to get over tense or over conscious regarding any issue in their life.
  • To increase public awareness, especially targeting urban youth through educational programs on the health and social consequences of sleeping disorder.
  • Treatment programmes for sleeping disorder much focused on high risk groups within the population.

Sunday, 23 August 2015


guest post 

Assalam o alekum,
 I am Naaz
i want to tell you about real experience  about freckles. last year i was too worried about freckles.
i search many sites on google but there was no guideline for it every sites has just copy paste articles and i did not get any tip from websites
then i went to the Doctor but doctor said to me that while  eating healthy food(fruits and vegetables,milk) your freckles will be remove on permanent basis.
i applied many home  remedies but no improvement day by day my freckles darker my confidence level too  down  and i don't want to face any one because i was too good looking person but due too freckles i was too much shy to meet anyone. it was too much tense situation for me.
one day i visited to salon for eyebrow my bueatision  asked me about freckles and i inform her about my problem she said  you don't need to take tension any more and she told me about cream  it was little bit costly bot not costly then my face i applied it now after few months  merically my face is clean and now i am back in to my life i am so happy now....
if any one want to get rid of freckles and interested to buy that cream i will guide you just tell me in comments.
Good Luck
thank for read my post

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Nohey Nadeem Sarwar 2013-14

MIR HASAN MIR nohey 2013-2014

Nohay Series - Vol 2013-2014 IRfan Haider